The New Era

Hayrik X T*Agency

The New Era

19:00 - 21:40 / Studio / Dans

Do you love Hip Hop? Dance battles? Or simply dancing in general? Well then, The New Era is bringing you all of it. The New Era is a fresh new event that reinvents the classic dance battle. This battle isn't about intimidation or confrontation. It’s about bringing back the sense of community it used to provide.

The New Era is bringing the dance battle back to life in the form of a 2 versus 2 all styles on Hip Hop music battle. We connect people using Hip Hop music and advance the art form by infusing new elements into it, such as unifying people from different cultures, genders and backgrounds.

Our judges Ryan, Chilton and Shika have years of experience from competing in battles and with their knowledge in dance they will decide based on a knock-out system. Our Host (Maca) and DJ (Jaysun) will bring good vibes so that you will be entertained through the whole event.

Both first and second place go home with a price! You don’t want to miss out on this! Would you like to enter the competition? Or do you prefer to just visit, watch and enjoy the vibe? Go buy your ticket now!

Contenders will be expected between 16:00/16:30. Visitors will be expected at 19:00. 

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